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Letters Urge Attorney General To Investigate Funkhouser
Chris Koster
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster

By Tom Bogdon

Letters to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster are being circulated in Kansas City asking Koster to investigate Mayor Mark Funkhouser on nepotism charges that could result in Funkhouser’s ouster.

As first reported Monday in Tonyskansascity, the letters will be mailed to the Attorney General’s office, with a goal of obtaining at least 200 signed letters. As evidence of nepotism, the letter writers refer Koster to depositions and other evidence gathered in the EEOC lawsuit of former mayor’s office employee Ruth Bates against Funkhouser, his wife Gloria Squitiro and the city government.

“Dear Attorney General Koster,” the letter begins.

“As a resident of Kansas City, Missouri I request that you open an investigation into the actions of Mayor Mark Funkhouser in regard to nepotism. I feel that his administration willfully ignores Missouri’s nepotism law.

“This is not a witch hunt; rather I am seeking relief from what I think are the expensive and unlawful actions of this administration. Funkhouser’s conduct begs for your review,

“”Please avail yourself to the Bates EEOIC case, There is a surfeit of incriminating data in the form of sworn depositions, email and legal affidavits prepared for the now settled case.”

Koster’s office had no immediate comment.

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