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Tea Party Gather Forces at KCK Rally
A common sight at the Tea Party Events

By Daniel Starling

 Thousands of disaffected and disgruntled Kansas Citians gathered at Community America Ball Park in Kansas City, Kansas to express there anger and organize against the Obama administration during a Tax Day Tea Party protest.

Quixotic Signs, buttons, t-shirts expressed the mood and speakers rallied the crowd to become active in the Tea Party Movement that is sweeping the country and transform their collective angst into real political action in the upcoming November elections.

Slogans like “Clean the House in November”, “I fought in Iraq for Freedom Not Socialism”, “TrickleUp Poverty”, “Tyranny is Torture, I’d rather be water-boarded, “I listed the Government as a Dependent on my Taxes”, dotted the small but exuberant crowd who came to voice their discontent.

Sponsored by FairTaxKC.org an anti-taxation group which proposes to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, Tax Day rally speakers railed against President Obama and his controversial health care legislation. Some proposed recalling legislators who supported it or through “defunding” which entails enacting state laws to thwart its implementation.

The Kansas City, Kan, rally was the largest of several demonstrations held in the KC area on the day when most people are busy filing their federal, state and local income taxes.

President Obama’s cousin Dr. Melvin Wolf of Kansas City was one of the keynote speakers who took offense of the recently signed legislation to overhaul the nations’ health care system.

“I studied the plan,” said Wolf. “I took a stand against it. I took a stand for my country and with you.”

Wolf urged those in attendance to become part of a movement to recall elected officials who supported “Obama-care”.

“Dennis Moore didn’t even read the bill,” said Wolf. “The most sweeping legislation of our lifetime…It’s a dereliction of his most basic duties as a United States Representative.”

Wolf encouraged the recall effort saying “We don’t have to wait until November…” which was met with thunderous applause.

“Once you see what is inside of the bill you will yank them (politicians) by the lapels out of the Congress,” said Wolf, who stated that other states like North Dakota, Virginia and New Jersey had put forward recall petitions of politicians who voted for President Obama health care legislation.”Repeal and replace will be the new touchstone for Americans.”

Wolf said he believed that Obama care could be replaced with something that breaks down state boundary rules for insurance allows doctors and patients to make health decisions not the government and eliminate frivolous lawsuits by “slick trial lawyers like John Edwards.”

Wolf, whose eloquence was not lost on the crowd said that a recent poll stated that 58 percent of Americans were for “outright repeal” and “We will make that happen” stating that the Tea Partiers where in “rendezvous with destiny” ,like an “Army of David’s” and were not to back down from this fight over health care.

Local radio talk host Chris Stigall followed Mr. Wolfe and made a joke regarding a reply from the White House regarding Mr. Wolf’s comments against Obama Care. “

“Spoken like a typical white person”.

That was one of the few allusions to race made by speakers to 99 percent Caucasian crowd, referring to the difference between Mr. Wolf, who is white and President Obama who is African American.

One black man held a sign that read “I want to see Obama fail…Does that make me racist?” while others just questioned the President’s citizenship with one sign saying “Undocumented Community Organizer.”

Local Republican candidates for office did not miss this chance to hand out information about their campaigns and mingle with the crowd that was estimated to be around 4,000 at its after-work peak.

Leavenworth Republican County Chairman John Bradford led the crowd in “the pledge of allegiance” while representatives of candidates for office like Todd Tiahrt Jerry Moran, Kevin Yoder Amanda Grosserode and John Rubin worked the crowd for support.

The Tea Party for the Kansas City isn’t over yet as they gear up for a visit from Sarah Palin, former Vice-President Candidate, Fred Thompson, former Republican presidential candidate and Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice-President Richard Cheney on May 1st at the Independence Events Center.

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Added: April 16, 2010. 10:45 AM CDT
Great TEA Party, Claver was superb as usual!
I went to the JCCC rally last year, and just had to be at the KCK rally this year. Biggest TEA Party crowd I've seen in the Kansas City area to date. The movement is obviously growing stronger and more voicetrous. Very well done, great crowd, and the military appreciation/prayer was tops! It's great to be a conservative American. We have a job to do, and come November, we'll be getting it done. Then, plowing ahead for Nov 2012. Thank you Fiar Tax and 980am!
Added: April 16, 2010. 08:25 AM CDT
11,000+ people is a small crowd?
I was there yesterday from 2 PM until 9:30. It was a steady stream of people with most of the stands filled. 11,000 was the estimate. And you call that a small crowd?

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